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Photographs by Axel Funke from the Nämdö area

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nr: AFeG064
(according to Folke Bengtsson:) From the left: Kalle Norman, Gillinge with son Anders Norman, Maria Funke (mother of Axel Funke).

nr: AFeG025
Nämdö vicarage.

nr: AFeG032
(according to Folke Bengtsson:) Bullerö: From the left Gustav Lindström, LångKalle, John Öhman, ?.

nr: AFeG033p
Nämdö vicarage is built 1907/08. To the right: possibly Bernhard Nilsson.

nr: AFeG037
Gillinge. Nr 5 from the left: Anders Norman

nr: AFeG039
The boat of Lindström in Grönvik. In the background: the house of Bengtsson in Grönvik (Knarrhamn), Nämdö.
According to Sture Bengtsson, Nämdö:
Lindström, who was a swede-american, drives. He had the first motor on Nämdö. The Lindström family had a store and a dance floor above the store in Grönvik (today the house of Wennerberg; "Eriksberg"). Residents of Gillinge bought the store from Lindström, and sold later to Torner (Tholner acc to George Öhman), who was the brother of Sandström in Sand. Then it was sold to Moberg, who was the father-in-law to captain Wennerberg.

nr: AFeG021
Manor building at Västerby, Nämdö. Some time 1907-22.


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