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About the images on portal Nämdö

The old photographs that constitutes the Theme of the portal has been preserved for posterity by a comprehensive non-profit work by Lars-Åke Larsson och Petra Ossowski. Also, they have compiled the associated textual information.

GWT005C GWT060 VFN245 AFEG069 AFEG037 museum items logo AFEG009b

subject: GWT005 The Manor house on Västeräng before 1920.
Frans Westerberg, to the right, died in 1919.
Next to Frans is his wife Anna.
The four soldiers are wearing the "Landstorm"-uniform. Does any one have a plausible explanation of their prescence on Västeräng at this time ?
origin: Gunhild Winroth collection
photographer: okänd

subject: Ouside the tenants house on Västeräng, in the 1940's
The small waving girl is Sonia, the first daughter of Wilhelm and Gunhild.
But who are the other children ?
origin: Gunhild Winroth collection
photographer: unknown

subject: GWT085 Drilling machine. Oliver Nilsson was working for the Swedish Diamond Drilling. The machine was fetched from Ängsholmen on April 1 1941. Lundin wanted a drilled water well. The horses were borrowed from Västeräng, where Herbert used to work as a stooge. The photograph was taken in Sand, Nämdö 1941. From the left: Herbert o Valter Fredriksson and the assistant. (1 april 1940 according to Valter in april 1999.)
origin: Gunhild Winroths collection
photographer: unknown

subject: Four ladies in a small sailing boat. Lull. Who they were we will never know.
origin: glas plate, scanned by Lars-Åke Larsson, (AFEG069)
photographer: Axel Funke


subject: Sailing.
Someone has written: "Possibly Kalle (on Brunn) Cederström?" on a photo sheet in the Archipelago Museum. However, the person to the left looks more like Oskar Karlsson in Krokvik. Compare for example with nr 115 och 187.
origin: glass plate, scanned by Lars-Åke Larsson, (AFEG065)
photographer: Axel Funke

subject: Logotype of the Archipelago Museum. (..cropped by a licentious webmaster.)
created by: Evalis Helmer
The actual logo looks like this:


subject: The house of Pettersson in Sand, Nämdö, at the time the mailing office. To the left: Albertina Borgh
origin: glass plate, scanned by Lars-Åke Larsson, (AFEG009)
photographer: Axel Funke


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